About Writer Bios

Elan Head

Elan Head is an FAA Gold Seal flight instructor with helicopter and instrument helicopter ratings. She holds commercial helicopter licenses in the U.S., Canada and Australia, and is also an award-winning journalist who has written for a diverse array of magazines and newspapers since the late-1990s.

Dan Megna

Dan Megna recently retired after nearly 30 years with one of Southern California's sheriff's departments. His last 18 years were spent serving in the department's aviation unit, where he logged over 8,000 hours in helicopters as a tactical officer, pilot and flight instructor.

Guy Maher

Guy R. Maher is a 16,000-hour dual-rated pilot and flight instructor for helicopter, airplane and instrument ratings. He is an EMS pilot flying an IFR Airbus Helicopters EC135 in North Carolina. In addition to being a FAASTeam representative, he is frequently called upon to provide consultation on aircraft sales, operational, and safety issues, and to provide testimony for legal proceedings.

Brent Bergan

Lt. Cmdr Bergan is an instructor pilot with the USCG at Air Station Humboldt Bay in northern California, where he flies the HH-65 Dolphin. He graduated from Navy Flight School in 2001 and since then has been involved in offshore rescue operations and law enforcement with the USCG.

Skip Robinson

Fascinated by helicopters from an early age, Skip Robinson began shooting photos in 1985 and hasn't stopped since. He is now a regular contributor to both Vertical and Vertical 911. He lives in the Los Angeles area, where he has constant exposure to a broad spectrum of commercial, parapublic and military helicopter operations.

Geoff Goodyear

Geoff Goodyear began flying helicopters in 1978. He is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of Universal Helicopters Newfoundland Limited and resides in Goose Bay, Labrador. Geoff's flight experience has been principally in North Eastern Canada and the Arctic.

Andy Roe

Andy Roe has been flying helicopters and instructing in western Canada for over 30 years. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot license with a valid instrument rating and specializes in VFR mountain charter flying as well as advanced flight instruction.

Ken Swartz

Ken Swartz is an award-winning helicopter industry journalist who has covered the market for 35 years. He has spent most of his career as an international marketing and media relations manager with airlines and a leading commercial aircraft manufacturer. He runs Aeromedia Communications, a marketing and PR agency.

Shawn Coyle

Shawn Coyle began helicopter life in the Canadian Air Force, and was fortunate enough to attend Empire Test Pilot School. This started a non-stop flight testing career, including teaching at three test pilot schools and working for Transport Canada as an engineering test pilot. Shawn is currently developing helicopter simulators and teaching seminars on helicopter flying.